Honduras - Eulogio Martinez - Parainema - 12oz

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We Taste: Lemon Sorbet, Caramel Apples, Mango and Honeydew

Name: Los Yoyos
Locaton: Las Flores, Santa Barbara
Farm Size: 0.7 hectares
Altitude (masl): 1400Average Annual Rainfall(mm): 750
Process: Washed
Variety: Parainema 


More coffee infos:

When Eulogio Martinez needed seeds he went to a local government store, of sorts, to get some of the Pacas variety. Pacas is a naturally occurring mutation of the famous Bourbon variety. Pacas is also fairly ubiquitous in Santa Barbara amongst those producers who are intentionally producing specialty coffee. The store was out of Pacas seeds and as such Eulogio was handed a bag of seeds of unknown origin. Judging by the slightly larger than usual size of the seed, he was told that it was most likely a variety called Pacamara. Upon returning to his farm in Las Flores, Santa Barbara, he cultivated the dubious variety. Fast forward to the first harvest and it was clear this was no Pacamara, but actually a hybrid called Parainema.

Parainema is a hybrid variety grown primarily in Honduras. It is tolerant and/or resistant to most of the major coffee disease, while retaining the potential of good cup quality. Parainema has become quite famous since winning the Cup of Excellence in 2015, and is a very good option for Pacas growing producers in Honduras struggling with diseases.

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