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 ***At this time, we are temporarily suspending the B.U.R.P program in an effort to both cut down on touchpoints during these weird and wild COVID times and to revamp the program to make it more safe, creative, and better than ever!***


Whether you’ve already got a stack of BCR bags or are just starting your collection, you can ship those screen-printed beauties right back to us and we will donate them to artists who use upcycled materials to make magic.

The icing on top? You’ll get rewarded for your saved bags. (check out more info here)

The first round of products we have to offer from our Up-cycle artists are listed below:

1. Up-cycled BCR bag collages on wooden canvas' from the artist himself Todd Purse.

For direct commissions please e-mail:

2. Amazing pouches made by the lovely Clara Logue are the perfect repurposing of our magical little bags! 

For direct commissions please e-mail:

 and put "Pouches" in subject line.