Burundi - Mutana - Long Miles Coffee

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 We Taste: Apple, Concord Grapes, Dates


COUNTRY: Burundi
REGION: Mutana
FARM: Co Op Various
VARIETY: Bourbon

About Mutana: 

Mutana’s hills seem to roll into infinity. The hills are covered in a never-ending tapestry of green and possess the most breathtaking panoramic views. The edge of the Kibira Forest looms only a couple of kilometers away which allows mist to fall from the forest and tumble onto farmers’ fields daily. With its mix of silty and sandy soils, Mutana can grow everything people like to eat. Wheat, cassava, potato, onions, peas, beans, sweet potato, passion fruit and tea are grown alongside coffee. Tucked far away in the heart of the hill, hidden well beyond eye’s reach, is a waterfall. In order to reach it you’d have to scramble down a steep hill covered in eucalyptus trees, cross over a small river, pass through a tea plantation and follow a narrow dirt track- but we can guarantee the experience would be worth it.

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