Coffee For A Cause: S.O.S Colombia

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We’ve chosen to donate proceeds from this coffee to @tembloresong Temblores, a Bogotá-based non-governmental organization working to activate and mobilize community-based processes of social transformation. They’re fighting against systems of violence, discrimination, and exclusion that affect historically marginalized communities, and they’ve been on the front lines of the recent protests.

Our Colombian producers and friends grow a majority of the seeds that make the magical beverage we are so lucky to have a hand in creating. We have coffees from this amazing country and people year round. They not only make up some of our most exciting offerings but also create the majority of our staple blends. We have been heartbroken by what we have seen going on in Colombia and the beginnings of talks we've had with our closest producer friends from the area. We are currently working with these producers/ industry friends to help further efforts to make sure the farmers growing these coffees in all stages receive an actual fair living wage as well as some other social benefits that are needed (Details on these projects coming soon)!

We also encourage everyone to check out the resources that @sprudge and others have been sharing to keep informed and the best ways to directly help out. Thank you for always being the best, and helping us run programs like this. Your support means the world! 💙

Coffee Info: The coffee we chose to feature is a blend made up of the washed lot from Santa Barbara Estate and The Seeds Of Life lot from our new friends at Cosecha Coffee. This is a clean and balanced coffee that highlights the deep sweetness you so often find in Colombian offerings. 

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