Colombia - Seeds of Life - Juan Tama Leaders - Washed

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Colombia - Seeds of Life - Juan Tama Leaders  - Washed
Colombia - Seeds of Life - Juan Tama Leaders  - Washed
We Taste: Baker's Chocolate, Little Debbie Nutty Buddy Bars, Smooth
Variety: Colombia and Caturra
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1850-2050 MASL

From Cosecha about the Seeds of Life project:
During the dark period, a great green snake appeared with a message. Ulcey, the messenger of the rain and the protector of the sacred lagoons, brought news of the unusual union between the water, thunder, and stars. It was from this union that the Nasa indigenous people were born. The myth passed on from generation to generation is the creation story of the Nasa indigenous people.

Out of this mysticism, Juan Tama de las Estrellas (Juan Tama of the Stars) became the Nasa's most legendary warrior-leader. Juan Tama joined the indigenous peoples in Southwestern Colombia to counter the Spanish during the colonial period. Under his leadership, they resisted and expelled the Spanish successfully from their territory.

Today, the Juan Tama producer's association teaches its members cultivation methods and practices that protect the lands they harvest. Year after year, the land rewards their environment-friendly approach with an abundance of unique and astounding specialty coffee. Cosecha Traders proudly presents this unique community lot, which is fully traceable to each farm that comprises it.

Brewing Recommendations:

Kalita wave
Dose:  20g. 
Grind:  Medium Coarse (on Baratza Encore / Virtuoso 17)
Water: 300ml of at 202 degrees Fahrenheit 
Bloom: 40ml of water saturating the coffee. Let sit for 1 minute 2nd Pour: Pour in circles until you're at 100ml 
Final Pulse Pours: Add 20-40ml of water each pour until reaching 300ml. Allow coffee to drain almost fully between pours. 
Final Brew Time: 3-4 minutes

Colombia - Seeds of Life - Juan Tama Leaders  - Washed
Colombia - Seeds of Life - Juan Tama Leaders  - Washed

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