Manual Home Brew Class 101

Manual Home Brew Class 101

Regular price $ 50

Next Class: Saturday, July 23rd 3:30-5pm.
Where: 1400 N. Dupont St. Wilmington, DE 19803

Here we will cover the basics of brewing filter coffee using a full immersion and a pour over method, as well as a general guide to best brewing practices. We will also go over how to adjust your brew parameters to achieve excellent results. Perfect for those looking to make a better cup of filter coffee at home or in the shop.

What we will cover: 

Pour Over

  • Chemex
  • V60
  • Kalita Wave
  •  Immersion Methods

  • Aeropress 
  • Frenchpress 
  • Clever dripper 

  • Pricing
    Class Only: $50 - 1.5 Hour class, take home brew guide, and a 12oz bag of coffee 
    Class + Coffee Bundle:  $150 - 1.5 Hour class dripper, Filters, Scale, Hand Grinder, Kettle, and 12oz bag of coffee