Baby Monster and Bunny Coffee / Comic Box

Baby Monster and Bunny Coffee / Comic Box

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The Baby Monster and Bunny Box is a coffee/comic kit dedicated to creativity! Featuring a new comic fresh from the mind and hands of Todd Purse paired with one of the most yummy and magical coffees we've tasted this year! 

The box features a special bag of imaginative gesha magic from Luis Fernando. At Finca Xelaju, Luis floats the cherries to remove under and over ripe fruit before staring a dry fermentation for 17 hours. Next the coffee is dried for 15 days on raised beds under shade, then rested in parchment for 6 weeks.

Tasting like Mandarins, Peach Pie, and limes dancing on top of a cup of earl grey tea! 

Each Hand Printed Box will come with:

- "Baby Monster and Bunny" comic by Todd Purse. This is a short run comic that takes you on a short, fun, and surreal journey about creativity and kindness! 

- Baby Monster and Bunny "We Got This" Print 

- A bag of Luis Fernando Finca Xelaju Gesha  (your choice of 6 or 12oz)!

- Stickers 

Only 25 of these will be made and they all ship on Tuesday 5/28