Colombia - Acevedo Huila - Leonte Polania - Lot #2 - $17.00

Colombia - Acevedo Huila - Leonte Polania - Lot #2 - $17.00

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Acevedo municipality within the Department of Huila, a prominent coffee-growing region known for its diverse microclimates. It ranges in altitude from 1235 to 1800 meters above sea level; some areas are more humid, while others are drier. Average rainfall varies within this region as well, from as little as 150 to as much as 3000 mm of rain annually.

Tasting Notes: Red fruit and star fruit, Vibrant, and Juicy

Origin: Colombia 

Region: Acevedo, Huila

Varietal: Colombia / Castillo 

Altitude: 1235 - 1800 masl