Colombia - Jairo Arcila - DragonFruit Co-ferment - 8oz

Colombia - Jairo Arcila - DragonFruit Co-ferment - 8oz

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We have had the fortune of collaborating with some of the most imaginative and groundbreaking coffee selections from various corners of the world. These coffees offer an unparalleled experience that allows us to fully appreciate the creative possibilities that specialty coffee offers. The Dragon Fruit Co-Ferment from Jairo Arcila embodies this ethos and takes it to new heights with its vibrant flavor profile, while maintaining an elegant flair that makes it an incredibly thrilling and indispensable choice for coffee lovers. Find out more below!


We Taste: Dragon Fruit, Pineapple, Fig


Armenia, Quindio, Santa Monica

1450-1500 MASL


Wine Yeast + Dragon Fruit Co-ferment

Jairo Arcila 

Process Info: This coffee was grown by Jairo Arcila at the farm Santa Mónica. This coffee was exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation with the pulp on. During this fermentation stage dragon fruit and wine yeast were added. The cherries were then pulped and placed to dry on raised beds until the ideal moisture content was achieved.

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