Colombia - La Palma Hero Series - SL28 - Natural - 12oz

Colombia - La Palma Hero Series - SL28 - Natural - 12oz

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Tasting Notes: Fig, Apple Pie, Tropical Sour Patch Kids, Juicy, Strawberry Jam, Slight Orange Citrus 


La Palma &  El Tucán is a farm, mill, and coffee tourism destination tucked in the mountains of Zipacon, Cundinamarca. The farm’s name indicates the concept at the core of their operations: symbiosis, where actions are mutually beneficial. The same way that palm trees and toucans exist in a balanced relationship within their habitat, La Palma & El Tucán approaches the coffee ecosystem through sustainable production, innovative processing, and inviting everyone along the supply chain to visit the farm and see for themselves all that a coffee producing environment can be.

On the farm, the intersection between coffee agriculture and sustainable tourism is apparent. The open air cafe and cabins tucked into the forest encourage visitors to consider the continuum between spaces where coffee is produced and where it is consumed. The vegetable gardens, compost production, biochar production, water filtration, methods for fertilizing coffee trees, various shade tree species, and overall biodiversity of plant and animal life on the farm are indicators of permaculture principles in practice.

This lot is part of La Palma & El Tucán’s Estate & Varietals collection, which represents the finest coffees from the farm.

High relative humidity levels represent a big challenge when drying coffee, making it the trickiest variable that has limited La Palma & El Tucán’s capacity to process Natural coffees, due to the relative humidity levels at the farm, which can reach up to 90%.

Since 2016, Colombia started experiencing the consequences of El Niño, a climatic pattern that severely alters the regular conditions causing one of the most significant dry seasons in its history. The drop in the relative humidity levels opened a small window of opportunity for La Palma & El Tucán to try processing Naturals. Now, after the experiment, they have realized it is likely that they will be able to continue producing limited amounts of Natural processed coffee for small batches.