Costa Rica - Cattleya - Natural - 12oz

Costa Rica - Cattleya - Natural - 12oz

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Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Kiwi, Black Cherry Ice Cream, Vanilla 

Coop: Naranjo
Elevation: 1300 to 1700 meters
Process: Patio and solar dried machine

A little more about the Cattleya Project from Royal NY: 

This lot was sourced as part of the Cattleya project (formerly known as the Las Lomas project) between Coop Naranjo and Royal Coffee New York. This project was designed to provide larger lots of superior-quality coffee that is traceable and sustainable. Producers work closely with agronomists to determine the optimal time for cherry harvesting and pick coffee for this lot at the peak of the harvest. This project offers competitive pricing for participating members, rewarding those who work hard to produce high quality coffee. Royal NY looks forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come.