El Salvador - Los Pirineos Magic Coffee Collection

El Salvador - Los Pirineos Magic Coffee Collection

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What's the best way to truly feel the mastery of a coffee producer on top of their game? Three varieties, grown from the same soil, in the same air, all in a row. That's why we've packaged the Magic Coffee Cave Collection from Los Pirineos in a single box - so you can experience just how amazing the results can be when creativity and mastery are applied to the same set of resources. Here, you'll find Gilberto Baranoa's pacamara, natural bourbon, and washed bourbon, with their flavors of stonefruit, toffee, black tea; lime, hibiscus, butter, brown sugar; and tropical fruit - Only two types of cherry, processed with precision for three entirely unique flavor profiles. It might be fun to try something new every now and then - it's magic when they're all in the same place at the same time. Buy a box, brew at the same time, and triple-fist your mugs for an experience like none other. 

Box Features: 

El Salvador - Los Pirineos  - Pacamara - 6oz 

Sweet, Brown Butter, Slight Floral, and Starfruit 

El Salvador - Los Pirineos  - washed bourbon - 6oz

Butter, lime, hibiscus, and brown sugar

El Salvador - Los Pirineos  - natural bourbon - 6oz 

Tropical Fruits of all kinds, Sweet Cream, and Cranberries