High Strangeness 2020 - Mystery Blend!

High Strangeness 2020 - Mystery Blend!

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We taste: Brown Sugar, Blueberry, Citrus, and Milk Chocolate 

We're rolling out our Annual Blend of High Strangeness a little differently this year... Starting with the fact that we are releasing it now instead of at Halloween time! It's 2020 and we're gonna lean into the hopeful weirdness and paranormal kindness! 

This is a post roast blend of so many coffees! Heres the deal, we sometimes get to the bottom of a green bag of coffee and there isn't quite enough to justify roasting / selling. These coffees get all sealed up and stashed away, for what we weren't quite sure of until now! 

We are roasting and blending all the little left over gems from the first part of the year and offering them for a wildly low price! We have done several test batches and they are all outta this world! Definitely heavy on the fruit and sweetness (our favorite)! 

There will only be 100 of these available and when they've gone to the great beyond that is that!