Mask Up - Mystery Blend - 12oz

Mask Up - Mystery Blend - 12oz

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We Taste: Mandarin Oranges, Brown Sugar, Blueberry Strudel, Green Apple, and Slight Nutmeg


MASK UP! This is a follow up to our latest release of High Strangeness. For this round of our mystery blend we combined 8 profile roasts from the most recent round of new coffees into a magically mysterious mix up of caffeinated goodness! 

Each new coffee we bring in goes through a series of profile roasting, sometimes we nail it on the first the shot and the second profile roast is just to confirm we've gotten the best outta the beans... aka FOR SCIENCE (as roaster Chelsea likes to say)! Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 profile roasts to unlock the natural magic in these little coffee seeds.

We've decided to see if we can take these profile roasts that are still tasting awesome, although slightly different from the final profile that is released, and turn them into the super juicy and sweet blend... spoiler alert it worked sooo well! 

Once these budget friendly beauties are gone they're gone so grab a bag quick!