Romance Coffee 2020  - 12oz

Romance Coffee 2020 - 12oz

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We Taste: Milk Chocolate, Strawberries, Sweet Tarts, Soft Florals, and Honey 

Smell that? It's love in the air. That's because you're past The Holidays, and coming up on The Holiday: Valentine's Day. The one where you show you really know what love means. You've read the books. You've looked over the flowers. You've made your own chocolate strawberries. You've popped several bottles of champagne. And you've even managed to find a way to work all of those romantic flavors into the morning's coffee, with this blend of Ethiopia washed lemma mammo, and Burundi Kayanza natural. It's juicy - but not too juicy. (You'd never be so crass.) And it shows your understanding of more than just the surface level of the finer things. In other words, this is Romance Coffee. This is Valentine's Day. And your lover, life partner, sibling, parent will love you more for it. Pick up a bag today.