Stellar Collisions IV - Cosmic Co-fermented Coffee Magic

Stellar Collisions IV - Cosmic Co-fermented Coffee Magic

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We Taste: Blackberries, Dragon Fruit Smoothie, Milk Chocolate


Unleash the boundless potential of our galactic, co-fermented coffee concoction. Our latest cosmic blend showcases the captivating flavors of Blackberry and Dragon Fruit lots, propelling it to another realm! With a deep love for creative coffee, we are thrilled to share these one-of-a-kind caffeinated curiosities with you. By combining a delectable coffee base, specifically our washed Colombia Santa Barbara Estate, with innovative co-ferment lots such as Blackberry and Dragon Fruit, we're on a mission to bring these enchanting creations to the masses. Embark on your own magical journey and check out the specifics of this batch below.


Coffee Components

Colombia Santa Barbara Estate Washed

Blackberry + Wine Yeast Co-Ferment 

Dragon Fruit + Wine Yeast Co-Ferment 


Staff Brew Recommendation:

Standard Coffee Pot! (basket filter, not cone)

34g Stellar Collisions, ground medium fine

water to the 4 cups mark / 20oz / 590 ML

Hit BREW and a tasty adventure will ensue!

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